The Beginning

So, this is my first blog post on “Recharge HR!” And I want to tell you a little bit about why and how this online book came to be.

In my work with Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (aka, ASUG), I was hired to be the Human Resources (“HR”) subject matter expert. First, let me say that there are no experts. There are only individuals who have a great deal of knowledge and experience in certain things. Actually, that’s where ASUG began. When a group of business people gathered in 1991 to talk about technology from a company called SAP, not one of them was an expert in the entire SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software platform. But each knew a little bit about different parts of SAP ERP.

So let’s start there. I am not an expert. I am merely a person who has participated as a human resource, as a human resource leader, as a business analyst, as a continuous improvement and design coach, as an IT manager, as a director on a board and as an advocate for the voices of HR and IT leaders. And I’m willing to share my observations and what I have learned with you, my readers.

I’m a supporter of the idea that great ideas come from many single voices. In fact, that’s how Recharge HR, ASUG’s education platform began. I wanted an education program that would tell HR to start innovating. So – why not call it “Innovate HR!,” I said. But a colleague had a much better idea. (Thank you Ashley 🙂 )

This demonstrates that no one person has all the answers. And so, my Recharge HR blogs are meant to inspire, to share the thoughts and ideas that are my own and that may have been spawned through my interactions with HR and IT colleagues at companies all over the world.

Recharge HR started with a call to action – a challenge to all of HR: lead, follow, renew, innovate. Just do something. Because if we don’t take action, we will find our HR careers – and very possibly our businesses – extinct.

Read on if you dare…I’ll be back next week.


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