Our Services

Before you sign that software subscription: what will the software really do for you?

Active listening, decoding tech talk, understanding what you need – not just what someone wants to sell you. . . that is goal one.

We excel in two-way conversations. You talk. We’ll listen.

Find your keys to success

Together we’ll start to blueprint your road to digital transformation.

  • How do your processes and systems perform today? What are the gaps or pain points?
  • Where should you start your transformation
  • How to prepare for the potential challenges ahead
  • How to right-source your implementation team
  • Create a living strategy.

Your Personalized Workshop

Pre-Work. Assess and Understand.

In this phase we identify what you actually need. Through candid interviews and/or surveys of your staff, we help to uncover what works today and what doesn’t work today. We will Add to this an understanding of your industry, economics, and current software solutions, we create a starting point for your transformation.

Workshop. Collaborate on design.

We’ll spend a half day (or more) with your team onsite to review what we know, to discuss options for software solutions, to listen to your team’s reactions, to hear about gaps and opportunities for change. We’ll facilitate open conversation. We’ll take notes. And we will follow-up with answers to your questions. This is not a sales pitch. We have nothing to gain by selling you software.

Post-Workshop. Roadmap delivery.

After the workshop, we will take home our action items, your open questions and we will follow-up. We will provide you with a template on which to build your digital transformation – based on everything we know to date. You take it from here – or, if you would like, you can continue to engage with us to help with the realization of your roadmap.

We stay engaged as member of your team

You decide what you need. We’re here to help with the execution of your vision.

  • Additional workshops to deep drill specific process solutions.
  • Managing your RFI / RFP processes
  • Helping you select an implementation partner
  • Articulating your business case
  • Reviewing your vendor’s statement of work to ensure it is all inclusive of your expectations
  • Developing your timeline
  • Creating Communications program to introduce and manage the change
  • Life cycle management plans post go live.