The Science of HR: No experiments, please!

One of my favorite Disney characters is the lesser-known Figment - an impish dragon who challenges traditional thinking and scientific proofs as he interacts with scientist, Dr. Nigel Channing on the EPCOT ride, Figment's Journey into Imagination.  "Sure, you can see with your eyes," says Figment, "but imagine what you could see if you used your … Continue reading The Science of HR: No experiments, please!

Imagine Loving HR Again

In her Ted Talk,  Why Art Thrives at Burning Man, Nora Atkinson poses the question: Why in this increasingly digital age are people still coming out into the desert, in extreme conditions to make art? And the answer: it's because of the human connection. In the world in which I work, we talk about making everything … Continue reading Imagine Loving HR Again